Matt Moore – Founder and Chairman of the Board

“We are excited and proud of our new office in Medellin, Colombia. We have created a space that will allow us to fulfill the company’s goals, while giving our employees the surroundings they need to deliver quality to our clients. And our superb location in the so-called golden mile of the city will attract the best and brightest talent in the region. Colombia is an important location for us and we are happy to show our continued growth in Medellin”.

TEAM International started operations in Colombia in June 2014, with only three employees and one client. Everything started working out of a co-working space, in an office with just enough room to hold four people.

Andres Gómez – Operational Manager – Colombia

“We have created a place where our passion for technology, our keen interest to create new relationships, and our tenacity to meet our current business partners needs are reflected”.

Now, due to the eager efforts of our TEAM in Colombia, led by Andrés Gómez and Maria Clara Londoño, combined with the vast support of our Ukrainian TEAM and our United States headquarters, we have completed our goal. We are a rapidly growing Operations Center with over 45 employees and 20 developers. Our aim is to grow to 75 employees, with 45 developers by the end of the year, then doubling those figures for 2018.

In order to fulfill this goal, on the 23rd of August 2017, TEAM International proudly unveiled its work of art; a beautiful new office located in one of the most exclusive areas of Medellin, Colombia, the so-called golden mile area.

George Firsov – Business Development Manager – Ukraine

“We at TEAM are truly excited about having a new world-class office in Medellin. We welcome and encourage all our current and future Customers to visit us at any time. We believe Colombia, Medellin especially, is a unique outsourcing location due to its great location, open culture, and wealth of talent”.

Situated on the 11th floor of the Milla de Oro building with an outstanding view of the city, our offices offer a modern design, a comfortable style, and are in the epicenter of the business district, with easy access to transport and commercial centers. Our office has room for more than one hundred employees, kitchen amenities, amusement areas, conference rooms, TVs, Bean Bags, electronic entertainment, and much more…

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TEAM International Medellin

Maria Clara Londoño – HR Manager/Colombia

“The first time I saw our office, I got goose bumps… I am speechless when it comes to describing the overwhelming feeling of the accomplishment of our dream. Especially as I witnessed how Andres worked, every day, against the odds, to meet the deadline. His time and effort were key to our success and it’s due to him that our plans materialized into our beautiful office”.

Our office inauguration took place with cheering, hugs, and presents. We were delighted to host our Founder and Chairman of the Board, Matt Moore and our president, Chris Walton whom together with our Operational Manager, Andrés Gómez, cut the bow to officially open the office.

Chris Walton – President – USA Headquarters

“TEAM’s new office space gives us the ability to meet the escalating demands for our IT Services, and the flexibility to ramp up teams quickly for our current and future customers. The location and accessibility of our new space makes it very attractive to our employees and customers”.

As a custom software development company, TEAM International had the pleasure to be accompanied by, as guests, other innovative institutions and companies of the IT sector, some of them also situated in the Milla de Oro building, as well as some of Colombia’s finest Universities.

Tom Moore – SVP of Business Development

“The energy of our Colombian teams is full of creativity and innovation, from our developers to our management teams. They have shown a massive will to generate change and growth, now we have a dynamic state of the art delivery center that accommodates and nurtures that talent. This will allow us to deliver even better nearshore software solutions to our clients”.

An authentically good TEAM is formed by great people, it’s due to our employees and clients that we are what we are, a diverse international Offshore Software Solutions company, where growth, TEAM work, and cultural exchange are everyday things. So, we want to invite and welcome future employees and clients to be part of our TEAM International!