TEAM Contributes to IT Education and Young Talents Development

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TEAM International takes an active position in the upbringing of the younger generation and young specialists.
This spring our company took part in several events aimed at the professional development of schoolchildren and students.

On March 22d the Kharkiv office of TEAM International conducted an excursion for teenagers who have already chosen computer science and programming as their future profession.

“Together with colleagues, we did a presentation for the kids to showcase what is IT and how to join the industry. We also discussed the prospects opened to Ukrainian software developers. Project Team Leads described the tasks that developers and testers face on a daily basis. Afterward, in an informal setting, the pupils took a tour through the new company’s office. VR-helmet, punching bag and other “perks” have made an indelible impression on kids, and they have left with a strong desire to join the industry”, says PR manager Tetiana Cherepakha.

On top of that, at the end of March, TEAM experts were invited to hold lectures at the “Career Days” event at the Karazin Kharkiv National University, out long-term partner.
Roman from Recruitment Department shared the secrets of writing a successful resume with students in the 5th year of study. He also told what the recruiters pay attention to at the interviews and gave a couple of useful tips on how to make a good impression.
Galina, Telenor Department Manager, unveiled the process of recruiting from the management perspective:
· what the project managers pay attention to,
· what they are looking for in the candidates,
· by what signs the employer understands that the candidate is suitable for his project.
Among the key points, she singled out the professional expertise of the candidate, his motivation and dedication, the ability to work in a team, and, of course, the level of proficiency in English.
Both lectures were included in “Factors of successful employment”, a course, also supported by other industry leaders.

On the 6th of April, TEAM International participated in the Karazin University Job Fair as a partner. Recruiters introduced the opportunity for a career start in our company. We mentioned the high interest in TEAM as a potential employer, as well as high level of recognition among students. Current Top Gun Lab course on .NET certainly encouraged the interest.

We have a firm belief in the rapid development of the IT industry in Ukraine, so we find it essential to be involved in the education and support of young talents.

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