Solutions to innovate effectively and spend smarter

Solutions to innovate effectively and spend smarter

Solutions to innovate effectively and spend smarter

Solutions to innovate effectively and spend smarter - TEAM International

IT Professionals at the top of their field face many challenges in the workplace; constant news about data breaches, pressure to keep abreast of the latest and best practices, staying ahead of existing and emerging competitors, whilst at the same time, making the most of their budget.

As a result, in recent years CIOs and CTOs have leveraged outsourcing of their software development projects to reduce some of this burden. With a vast talent pool and a wide array of companies competing for business, this has become easier than ever.

For IT leaders, choosing the right provider is vital. Take for example these two quotes from IT executives: “During many years working for the industry, I’ve dealt with some critical issues when selecting a partner to work on software development projects. The top 3 issues are:

  1. Companies delivering on agility with lower risk and costs.
  2. Traditional IT needs to be the enabler and driver of business. For example, digital technology can drive customer retention.
  3. The capabilities to assimilate company culture, agility, retain talent, and get the best.” Subhashish Acharya

“I’ve seen many companies make the wrong software outsourcing choice. And I’ve watched this cost their software and companies dearly, including time, money, delays, glitches, security issues and other problems… So making the right software outsourcing choice is vital. I’ve found that when you work with a great developer, they not only adhere to standards to ensure quality, they focus on your overall objectives and intended results.” Steve Mezak, Founder and CEO of Accelerance, Inc. on his Forbes article How To Successfully Outsource Software Development.

So how can you make the most out of your outsourcing partnership?

With the On Time and On Target Project Experiences strategy, TEAM International enables their teach teams not only to devote more resources to core business processes but to reduce time to market without straining their budget, finding outsourcing as a way to innovate effectively and spend smarter.

TEAM International chose Ukraine, Poland, and Colombia as locations for our Development Centers according to three main criteria: access to a vast pool of highly-qualified IT professionals, nearshore location to Europe and the US, and cost-effective solutions. With this in mind, TEAM wants to address CIOs’ and CTOs’ major concerns by offering mature agile processes that assure projects get to market quickly.

TEAM International benefits from a large number of highly-educated technical workforce graduates each year, that are highly fluent in English, and with advanced programming skills. By engaging and retaining IT talent, TEAM facilitates its partners’ knowledge transfer to assimilate the company’s IT culture and the communication between different teams to fully understand the outcome the customer wants. This helps us achieve a final product on time and on target and offer a simple, friendly, yet high quality experience for the customer.

With TEAM International, IT Executives will find a software partner with a commitment to innovation and high quality, with several Awards, Certifications and Recognitions. TEAM delivers software teams who can bring deep experience and understanding to any software requirements.

The increasing reliance on software development outsourcing creates the need for tech leaders to lean on their vendors and their ability to remain agile and up to date with breakthrough technologies; allowing CIOs and CTOs in executive teams to focus on the long term and short term business strategy.

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Sandra Valencia
TEAM International

How To Successfully Outsource Software Development (Without Compromising Quality) By Steve Mezak for Forbes Technology Council.