Software Testing Process Setup/ Enhancement

Rigorous software testing processes to enable seamless product development

Software application downtime, malfunctions, or system bugs should not be tolerated by today’s businesses. These issues are often caused by incomplete and inconsistent software testing methodologies. And the costs are much greater than you think. Faulty software can cause customer attrition and damaged brand reputation, leading to significant short-term and long-term revenue losses.

The key to ensuring seamless functionality and UX of your software application is to implement a rigorous, end-to-end software testing strategy. The right software testing process and methodologies can help you address product malfunctioning, identify bottlenecks, and eliminate the gap between your expectations and the actual results in your existing applications. You will establish tangible control over your product quality, ensure its scalability, and future-proof your business.

Design the right software development testing process for your business

Leverage TEAM’s expert software testing process services to set up the right processes or enhance your existing processes. We’ll work closely with your product owners and business leaders to fully understand your goals and existing processes to develop a testing strategy that helps you develop higher quality software products and accelerate time to market. Our goal is to give you full confidence in the products you deliver, helping drive customer loyalty and business growth.

Your Roadmap to a Seamless Software Testing Process

Analyze Your
Business Needs

  • Business goals
  • Business constraints
  • User expectations
  • Technical requirements
  • Algorithms and integrations
  • Potential errors and bottlenecks
  • Mockup analysis
  • User interface

Audit Your
Existing Processes

  • Product evaluation
  • Business analysis process
  • Development and testing process
  • Documentation management
  • Project management process
  • Configuration management and release flow

Identify Gaps
and Weak Points

Define the Action Plan
to Establish or Fix the Process

  • Test strategy
  • Test environments
  • Configuration management plan
  • Actors, roles, responsibilities
  • Communication flows
  • Risk management process

Define the
KPI Metrics


  • Perform testing activities according to the defined testing types
  • Test reporting
  • Measurement

Continuous Testing
Process Improvement

Ensuring Quality and Success

Our talented QA specialists are 100% focused on helping you achieve faster time to market, enhanced customer loyalty, and best-in-class product quality.

  • Protect your company: Our impartial audit of your existing product development process will help you identify your strengths, weaknesses, and potential risks.
  • Grow your business: We’ll work closely with your team to implement best-in-class software testing processes and methodologies that allow you to scale quickly and add new functionalities with ease, all while ensuring product quality and integrity.
  • Regular QA reporting: We provide you with 100% transparency and control over the entire SDLC with regular QA reports that provide test results, quality levels, test coverage data, status updates, and more.
  • Seamless user experience: Our testing services allow you to find and solve issues before your customers start using your products, enabling you to deliver a smooth, engaging, and uninterrupted user experience every time.

Top Tools and Technologies

  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenide
  • Appium
  • Protractor
  • Allure
  • Report Portal
  • Git
  • Mercurial
  • TeamCity
  • Jenkins
  • Jira
  • Azure DevOps Boards
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Confluence
  • VMWare
  • Virtual PC

We’re here
to help!

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