Automated Software Testing Frameworks

Accelerate speed to market with more intelligent software testing

Ensuring quality and speed is a challenge many organizations wrestle with during software QA and testing phases. The key to achieving the best of both worlds lies in automation frameworks. When implemented correctly, automated testing is more accurate and up to 70% faster than manual testing.

Intelligent test automation frameworks provide best-practice guidelines, tools, and standards that allow you to quickly and reliably scale testing efforts and deliver your software to market faster and at less cost. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping expand the scope of automated software testing by combining human-like intelligence with the speed and accuracy of automation.

Custom automated testing framework for your software solution

Your software solution is unique and requires a unique automated testing framework. Leverage TEAM’s extensive experience in manual and automated software testing, in-depth industry expertise, and cutting-edge R&D lab to advance your testing strategy quickly and cost-effectively. We provide you with predefined automation frameworks for your software products; enhanced and customized to meet your specific requirements and expectations.

Results That
Drive Business

  • Cut QA automation setup time from 1-2 months to just 1-2 weeks.
  • Reduce labor costs by enabling mid-level QA engineers to implement automated testing rather than relying on costly senior-level engineers to design and build tests from scratch.
  • Increase QA expertise on your project by learning from our best-practice test automation frameworks, helping improve quality and speed to market.
  • Receive ongoing support and gain access to the latest technologies and tools in automated quality assurance to improve testing speed and accuracy.

Key Components of
Your Automated Framework

Reporting Tool

Creates clear test execution reports that show you what was tested and the testing results.



Web Driver

Your Custom

Converts various assets and files into software products in their consumable or final forms.
Picks up a source code directory or an assembly, conducts multiple testing methods, and records results in console/log files.
Enables QA automation for web applications.

Test Management Tool

Integrates the QA process into your project flow and lets you track software quality issues just like standard Jira issues.

Top Tools and Technologies

  • C# .NET
  • Java
  • Python
  • Ruby on Rails
  • JavaScript
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenide
  • Protractor
  • Appium
  • Allure
  • Report portal
  • Git
  • Mercurial
  • SVN
  • TeamCity
  • Jenkins
  • Zephyr

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