Application Monitoring
& Support

Enjoy the full capacity of your applications without the burden of managing them

Building custom software solutions, modernizing legacy software, and customizing COTS software solutions are complex projects that require ongoing monitoring and support to ensure optimal application performance and seamless user experience for the long run.

Ensure ongoing support

Partner with TEAM to ensure complete, ongoing monitoring and support

A true IT and software development outsourcing partner does not stop at delivery and sign-off. TEAM International provides high quality, ongoing monitoring and support services for your IT and software projects, freeing up your time to focus on innovative and revenue-generating business initiatives – rather than software maintenance.

Your Roadmap to Advanced Application Support Services

Understand your needs

We work closely with you to ensure our monitoring and support services fulfill all your technical and business requirements in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Due diligence

We complete a full analysis of your existing application structure and processes, including an audit of the software architecture and documentation, as well as in-depth discussions with essential business and technical stakeholders.

Create an effective strategy

Our experts create a detailed software monitoring and support plan with estimates and timelines, well-defined milestones, and an effective communication and reporting cadence.


During this phase, we establish the deliverables, create or replenish process documentation and detailed manuals, and communicate the monitoring and support strategy to all stakeholders from your team.

Maintain and support your application

We provide both preventative and reactive maintenance and support of your application, including an online support helpdesk, technical engineering and consultancy, issue tracking and resolution, on-demand and scheduled updates, backups, and recovery services.

Ensuring Quality and Success

Our goal is to ensure your applications run smoothly around the clock and provide the support your business needs to drive innovation and success.
  • Experienced IT specialists: Our skilled staff has niche specialization in IT maintenance and support and is capable of proactively solving even the most complex technical issues quickly.
  • Clear communication: We maintain clear and consistent communication, including regular voice/video calls, email updates, and detailed report. We’re never more than a quick phone call, instant message, or email away!
  • Flexibility & Scalability: TEAM’s outsourced application support services offer you a cost-effective operations model with the agility to scale your IT costs up or down quickly as your needs change.
  • Reduced risk and complexity: We take the full burden of application management off your plate by providing both routine and mission-critical tasks, including assistance managing security, compliance, certification, and data consistency requirements.

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