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Quality Assurance is an important part of the software development life cycle (SDLC). Through every stage, from requirements gathering, through design, development, testing, and maintenance, a QA team should be a part of the process to ensure that the system runs smoothly and that there are no defects or bugs throughout the development.

The earlier bugs or errors can be detected, the easier it is to fix the issue. It will also make it less likely that a product is released with bugs, greatly impacting the experience of the end user. In the end, a solid QA and Testing process implemented through the SDLC, will prevent costly updates and poor feedback once a product is live.

Our Development and Testing Process Setup / Enhancement solution includes:

  • Testing strategy

  • Defining the development process
    actors, flows, and activities

  • Defining and establishing the format
    and schedule for required meetings

  • CI / Deployment system setup

  • Reviewing and refining documentation

  • Establishing a clear reporting process
    or system

If your software development team does not yet have an established process for QA and Testing, we can assist with the setup. If you find that you have issues with bug rate in production or in the staging releases, want to improve the confidence in the quality of release candidates, we can assist in reviewing and enhancing the process you have in place. We can also supplement your testing team with additional test engineers.

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