DevOps Management

Deploy your innovative software solutions to market faster and at less cost

More deployments, faster. This is the mantra of leading organizations that effectively employ DevOps with continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) techniques to bring new, high-quality products and features to market quickly. Today, it’s all about how fast your software solutions can adapt to meet changing customer needs and industry demands. But, you’re certainly not alone if you’ve struggled to implement DevOps successfully.

Aligning development and operations can be difficult due to resistance to change from both sides. Finding the right DevOps talent locally and within budget can seem next to impossible. And what about handling security risks in the cloud? Or financing the right infrastructure to support the full DevOps process?


You need the support of an experienced, nearshore DevOps MSP

You don’t have to take on the challenges of implementing and monitoring the DevOps process on your own. The right nearshore managed service provider (MSP), can help accelerate your DevOps journey, significantly reduce costs, and even help manage the cultural change necessary to align your development and operations teams.

TEAM International offers end-to-end, nearshore DevOps management services that enable continuous deployment of innovative software solutions. Our highly trained and scalable teams of DevOps engineers and solutions architects will help you optimize, build, automate, and monitor your product deployments, allowing you to focus on innovative, strategic, and revenue-driving initiatives.

Tangible Benefits for
Your Business

Deploy high-quality products
up to 12 times faster

Deliver code
up to 30 times faster

Decrease infrastructure
cost by up to 50%

Improve customer
satisfaction and reduce

Ensure security and

Fix problems faster
and more effectively

Automate repetitive tasks to
increase speed and reduce

Scale DevOps support
up or down quickly

Quality and

Our goal is to help your business optimize DevOps with expert support and process automation capabilities that enable continuous delivery of innovative software solutions.
  • Business-focused DevOps: We’ll work with your business and IT leaders to design and implement the right DevOps processes that help you reach your business goals.
  • Quality-focused CI/CD: We’ll help you achieve both deployment speed and product quality to ensure your solutions meet customer expectations of accelerated release schedules and a seamless user experience.
  • Cost savings and scalability: Our DevOps management expertise allows us to continually apply automation and other cost-optimizing strategies that benefit your bottom line. And our services can be easily scaled up or down to meet your changing business needs.
  • End-to-end, expert support: Our experienced and certified teams will help you optimize the product lifecycle, design and implement the right DevOps processes, apply automation, and provide on-going monitoring services.

Flexible DevOps
Management Plans

80 hours

DevOps Engineer
per month




of infrastructure

Services Included

  • 80 hours per month
  • Support of CI/CD
  • L3 support of infrastructure


Defined by Statement of Work

Monthly Subscription Cost

USD $3,500

We’re here
to help!

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