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From Raw to Refined Data
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Vue Logic - Case study - TEAM International

The Client

Atlanta, GA based VueLogic is a new-generation Customer Intelligence and Data Management provider. VueLogic’s PowerVue solutions allow companies to capture and monetize valuable customer data, enabling the delivery of personalized online and offline experiences to their customers, driving loyalty and profitability. Combining analytics, micro targeting, and individual profiles, PowerVue offers critical insight into the customer’s ability to best target their market audience and maximize performance.


In Q1 2008, VueLogic began development of a business analytics tool for the purpose of entering new markets with a competitive software product. VueLogic’s vision for this new product was to design a SAAS application with three layers:

1. Database containing a server-based batch application (ETL) that would basically allow customers to gather, validate, store and analyze the user data;
2. MiddleWare business layer connecting and supporting options for the Front-End application as well as performing different selections and receiving user data from the database;
3. Front-End online web-based application providing access to stored data and allowing client to view business analytics specific to the client’s own data by means of different analytical diagrams, graphics, stored pre-selection conditions and precalculated scores.

VueLogic’s internal cost-analysis found that developing the application via in internally managed IT organization would be more expensive and time consuming than if outsourced to TEAM International.


In order to develop the application and get to market as quickly as possible, VueLogic chose to employ a dual approach: to try something new, but risky, and to use a traditional and more reliable strategy. This dual approach was designed to help the company determine the most cost-efficient and effective way of developing the project. VueLogic hired a US-based software development firm to create the Front-End layers. At the same time, it outsourced the database development (ETL) process to TEAM International.

In the course of the preliminary negotiations between TEAM International and VueLogic it was decided to base the outsourced product lifecycle on iterative methodology. As a result of this, each iteration duration was based on customer requirements for given revision. Each revision was based on the ‘waterfall’ model including requirements analysis, developments and testing with final product delivery. VueLogic was fully authorized to determine the parameters of the next iteration/revision.

Project Management meetings were held on a weekly basis and included discussion of the project status, risk monitoring, data collection metrics, solved/unsolved issues, and proactive and reactive planning.

Both the information flow and documentation production/storage within TEAM were done in full compliance with the CMMI Level 3 standards and requirements.


All the project milestones were planned and the deadlines were met successfully. As a major outcome of the partnership with TEAM International VueLogic received the first layer of its business analytics application and improved and upgraded functionality added to all three layers. On completing the first part of the project scope, TEAM delivered to VueLogic a fully integrated, scalable, and improved analytical system.

TEAM International provided VueLogic with the following deliverables: high quality Storage and Retrieval System, respective system architecture and testing documentations including descriptions of customer requirements, the source code based on received requirements, and additional scripts for database modification.