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TEAM International Partners with Opvizor GmbH to Support System Administrators in Issue Analysis and Problems Solving

JAVA | GWT | Amazon SQS

The Client

Opvizor GmbH is an Austrian manufacturer of software solutions for intelligent datacenters. Its flagship product is a SaaS platform for automation and management of VMware environments. It allows for predicative analysis and issue prevention in virtual IT infrastructures.

Challenge and Solution

The project is very dynamic and utilizes a lot of new technologies. Our team members frequently conducted technical research to decide which technologies to use and how to integrate external systems into opvizor®. The development effort was distributed between 3 centers located worldwide (Switzerland and Ukraine).

TEAM International was involved into the development of 3 modules of opvizor®:

1. Agent Module. TEAM created new anonymization rules to meet strict security requirements.
2. Processing Module. New data processing approach was implemented by TEAM.
3. Platform Module. Several external systems integrations were performed including payment and reporting systems.

The scope of the project included:

• Development of opvizor-agent
• Development of front-end application (Platform)
• Development of back-end application (Processing)
• Integration with third party systems
• Automated Testing

Opvizor - Case Study - TEAM International


TEAM International and Opvizor launched several releases, turning business requirements into well-tested software solutions. TEAM developed new features and supported the existing functionality of expert system.

Opvizor - Testimonials - TEAM International

Dennis Zimmer,
CEO, opvizor GmbH

As opposed to the moderate experience with different outsourcing companies in the past, TEAM International proved quite fast to be the perfect strategic partner for a long term development relationship. They ́re really dedicated to support the customer in any situation and are looking proactively to find solutions before the actual requirements become an urgency (resources, technologies). For a startup company, that ́s exactly the kind of development partner you’d like to work with.