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TEAM International Helps Online Gambling Industry Leader
Develop a New Powerful Poker System

Java | PHP | JavaScript

The Client

iTEAM Network is a US-based company founded in 2013 that offers businesses interested in Daily Fantasy Sports
opportunities the ability to quickly launch a fully branded site on desktop, Android, and iOS apps. By operating as a network, the platform enables partners to avoid the costly barriers to entry while keeping their brand relationship with customers. iTEAM Network is headed by gaming and technology industry veterans.

iTEAM Case Study - TEAM International


ITeamGaming approached TEAM International to develop and support the application that will allow to play poker online on different games types. Industry standards and regulations should have been taken into account. The product to be developed is an on-line poker room.


The system is developed for poker players and agents. With the help of this system Players are able to play poker for
real or fun money and Agents are able to earn money by means of rakes.
The application may consist of the following main parts:

  • The web site
  • Admin site
  • Poker client application (Flex as a Front end, Java backend)
  • Mobile application (PhoneGap, can be deployed for different platforms)

The web site allows users to view information about the room (like available game types, room rules, etc) and download poker client application. Admin uses Admin site in order to view and manage the players and games. With the help of poker client application (desktop or mobile version) a user is able to register, make a deposit, cash out
and play poker. A User is able to view different types of poker games and select a preferred one.

The system is very scalable and can be configured to allow playing from 100 concurrent players to 50000 if needed.


ITeamGaming and TEAM enjoy a long term strategic partnership whereby TEAM delivers a high level of service, assists ITeamGaming in addressing business challenges and needs.