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Offshore Outsourcing Helps PDA Development Company
Better Meet Its Client’s Needs

C# | .NET | Oracle

Integrous - Case study - TEAM International

The Client

The Client is a UK-based company that provides a broad portfolio of business and technology solutions enabling clients to improve their business performance. The Client specializes in Resource Development, Application Development and Consultancy.


One of The Client’s clients (further referred to as End Client) is one of the UK’s largest handlers of fresh produce that sources over 100 products from more than 40 countries, and also works closely with British growers to offer local produce when in season. While participating in the governmental Food for Schools Program, the End Client was driven by the government agency to deliver electronic proof of delivery (POD). The company used to deliver fruit to schools from its 5 Depots utilizing around 90 drivers, each potentially covering 50 deliveries per day. To make the collection of proof of delivery intuitive for the drivers’ use, End Client needed to have a specific Driver PDA Application. For this purpose it hired The Client.


The Client chose to partner with TEAM International to better meet End Client’s business needs. TEAM International prepared and submitted the following to The Client: Requirements Analysis and Project Estimation, Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM), Project Management Plan, Scheduling, Software Requirement Specification (SRS), and Installation and User Manuals. Upon The Client’s request TEAM did a Pilot Management Interface Application including Distribution System Interface, Delivery Data to PDA and Complete / Incomplete Delivery Data from PDA.

Additionally, 1st and 2nd PDA application prototypes, an Installation package, a Web application core, an Implementation Solution Framework and an SRS were completed. The Client’s PM team visited TEAM’s Offsite Development Center in Kharkov (Ukraine) to adjust communication with TEAM developers and monitor project execution process.

TEAM’s project team had to work under significant time constraints and with minimum initial requirements from the Client. To meet tight project deadlines, TEAM’s developers had to create and submit PDA application prototypes in a very quick manner, all the while ensuring a high level of quality and commitment. As a result, nearly 80% of functionality shown in prototypes remained unchanged in the actual application development. Due to limited requirements specification from the customer, TEAM’s project team had to be insightful and inventive to deliver a high-quality end product.


TEAM International delivered to The Client ready-to-use:

  • WEB based management interface and data exchange web services
  • Multi database engine
  • SOAP based data exchange between WEB applications and PDA client
  • Client PDA application
  • Compact Framework Windows Forms Application
  • SOAP based data exchange with WEB server application

All of the project deadlines and requirements were successfully met. Application has come through the full development cycle and the project was completed on budget, in a timely manner and delivered to the client ready-to-use.