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TEAM International Helps ESL Music
Get Efficient and Effective E-Commerce Solution


ESL Music - Case study - TEAM International

The Client

ESL Music Inc. is one of the world’s leading independent music label companies. Founded in 1996 by Eric Hilton and Rob Garza of Thievery Corp., the company was initially created to deliver the Thievery sounds to the world. Ever since the company has immensely expanded to new horizons. Now it’s active in electronic and rave music scene promotion. The ESL Music distinct international sound is well known from tracks borrowed from Brazilian bossa nova sounds, Jamaican reggae and vintage Italian film tunes. ESL Music offers a wide range of sonic lures from Chris Joss and Ursula 1000 beats to rhythms of Thunderball, Blue States, Sofa Surfers, jazz-infusion of Les Hommes and Latin soul.


Understanding that modern music and entertainment industries face lots of challenges, ESL Music chose to address the core music industry problem – illegal files sharing and online piracy. The company planned to capitalize on the product by improving web sites development, hosting and support and launching a music retail portal.

ESL Music’s business activity required:

  • design of demand-driven pricing system via its Web sites
  • music and video preservation and on-line storage
  • e-shopping solution
  • new release promotion system
  • hi-fi development
  • online support and advertising of live performances
  • DJ mixes recording


ESL management team provided Team International executive team with a product vision document that was converted into the functional specifications. The major advantage for ESL managers was that they did not have to move to Ukraine to prepare the product specifications and project documentation. All the issues were discussed and clarified via soft phone conference calls. Meanwhile, Team International formed a product team of 5 members. The team comprised experienced IT specialists and product developers. Any extra costs related to hiring new people were initially eliminated. ESL Music website was partially designed by TEAM’s top talent team.

The web site was developed on ASP + plain HTML + VB (COM+) + MS SQLServer 2000.

TEAM’s regular tasks included: html/ASP (content modification); functionality change/addition; hosting admin; upgrading support; diagnostics and technical problems solution.
In the frames of the project site’s new functionality has been designed in ASP.NET 1.0 and integrated in ASP site.

TEAM was also in charge with mailing services functionality. To improve it, a unique specific WinForms.NET 1.1 application has been designed. Thievery Corporation website was developed in plain HTML + ASP.NET 1.0 by ESL on-stuff designer and TEAM’s specialists. A flash music player was designed by means of flash action script and flash client and server scripting elements.

Outernational Music web site was designed for the purpose of licensing on-site introduced music for different commercial usages such as movies, advertising, stage productions etc. The web site allows registered users to search for music tracks in a catalogue, to listen to and to download desired tracks and to request administrator’s license. It is an ongoing stage at which TEAM International provides official web sites’ support.


TEAM International delivered to ESL Music well developed and pioneering digital distribution software solutions which allow the company to legally share music and video files on the Web and easily integrate with popular channels such as Verisign PayFlowPro and USPS Service (calculation of delivery costs). Due to TEAM’s offshore resources and distributed development model, ESL managed to gain the highest possible return on investment.