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TEAM’s offshore/nearshore sourcing model provides high‐quality, innovative and flexible solutions for companies world-wide, including but not limited to Telenor Denmark, BOND International and Lulu Inc.

Our professionals have developed in-depth understanding of our customer’s business environment and industry specific challenges. TEAM International provides services for companies operating among others in areas of Telecommunications, Healthcare, HR and Global Staffing, Media and Entertainment, E-Gaming, Data Management.

Conversant - Case study - TEAM International
Development: Java, AngularJS, Oracle, Python, PostgreSQL, BI and more.
Industry: Internet & Digital Marketing
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Bond - Testimonial
Development/Testing/Configuration: Java, Oracle, SQL, TestTrack Pro, Mantis, Jasper
Industry: HR & Staffing
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Telenor - Testimonal - TEAM International

Development: .Net, Java, C#, JavaScript, SQL (Oracle, MS-SQL)
Industry: Telecommunication Services
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Lulu - Testimonial

Development/Testing: PHP, Java, PostgreSQL, Rally, PHP, Bugzilla, Mercurial, Puppet
Industry: Publishing
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iTEAM Network - Testimonial - TEAM International

Development:.Net, AngularJS, MS Azure
Industry: eGaming

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ITC - Testimonial - TEAM International

Development: jQuery, MySQL, AngularJS
Industry: IT, Telecommunications, CATV

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Vault - Electronic Health Records - TEAM International

Development: JavaScript, AngularJS, Grunt
Industry: Healthcare

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ON24 - Testimonial - TEAM International

Development: JAVA, JavaScript
Industry: Marketing Solutions

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Ultimate Gaming - Case Study

Development: C++, Python, MySQL
Industry: Gambling

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iTEAM Gaming - Case Study

Development: Java, AIR, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Cassandra, AngularJS
Industry: Gambling

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Bullseye Telecom- Testimonial - TEAM International

Development: .Net, MSSQL, Oracle, SharePoint
Industry: Telecommunication Services

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Opvizor - Testimonials - TEAM International

Development/Testing: GWT, Amazon Web Services, Java, Jira, Selenium, Charles, SOAP UI, Oxygen
Industry: System Administration

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ITMP - Case study

Development: iOS, ObjC, GAE, iOS SDK, Snoozester API
Industry: Leisure and Entertainment

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Digifit - Case study

Development: iOS, Objective C, Google App Engine, ANT
Industry: Healthcare & Fitness

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Furst Person - Case study

Development: .NET, MS-SQL, JavaScript, HTML5
Industry: Human Resources

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Service Frame - Case study

Development .NET
Industry: ISV / Outsourcing Governance

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Development: ASP.NET, VB, SQL, Flash
Industry: Sound Record

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XoS Digital - Case study

E-Commerce Solution/Content Management System: C#, .NET, Java
Industry: Digital Sports Media & Technology

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CFS Europe - Case study

Development: C#, .NET, MVC
Industry: Customer Feedback Management

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Emag Solutions - Case study

Development: C++, SQL, Linux
Industry: Data Management

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Vue Logic - Case study

Development: JAVA, .NET, Oracle, Tomcat
Industry: Business Services

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Versacor - Case study

Development: C#, .NET
Industry: E-Commerce

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Delivered Innovation - Case study

Development:, Apex, HTML, JavaScript
Industry: Information Technology and Services

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Integrous - Case study

Development: C#, .NET, ASP.NET, Oracle, SQL, Windows Mobile
Industry: IT Outsourcing

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Development: JavaEE, JBoss, GWT/GXT, RESTfull Web services, Oracle
Industry: Logistics

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