Professional JavaScript Course at Top Gun Lab

On February 16th TEAM International presented a new course «Professional JavaScript» at the School of Computer Sciences of Karazin Kharkiv National University. Like all the previous company’s courses it will be held in terms of TOP GUN LAB program.

This course is not for beginners but rather for those who want to deepen their knowledge in JavaScript. The program will include all aspects of JS from the development of large-scale web projects to 3D games and native add-ons. Lectures and workshops will be conducted by the leading TEAM experts.

On the same day a screening test was also carried out. It was aimed to select 40 students who will be able to attend the workshops. However the lectures will be open to all those interested.
The course will last until the beginning of May. Upon completion the best students will get the chance to become members of our team as interns.

According to the preliminary data, more than 250 participants from different Kharkiv universities have registered for the course.