TEAM International Lublin Moves into New State-Of-The-Art Office Facility

LAKE MARY, FL. October 23, 2019: US-owned company TEAM International, whose network of branches spans several continents and includes offices in the U.S., Ukraine, Poland, and Colombia, has inaugurated the company’s new, state-of-the-art office facility in the city of Lublin, Poland.

TEAM International established a business presence in Lublin in 2017 and the number of the company’s personnel in this location has grown from 3 to 30 employees in the last two years. This, along with an ongoing increase in the number of clients has spurred the company to look for more spacious office facilities. The opening of TEAM International’s new development center in Poland is also part of the company’s long-term European expansion strategy and is aimed at gaining better access to Poland’s large IT talent pool of 8,000+ talented professionals in Lublin, which is increasingly referred to as the “Silicon Valley of Poland.”

Andriy Strutynskyy, Chris Walton, Matt Moore, and Thad Bydlon at the new office Grand Opening in Lublin
TEAM’s first Lublin-based employees: Bartłomiej Waga, Beata Pasikowska, and Jarosław Bajak participate in the ribbon cutting to officially open our new office space

New TEAM International Lublin office is conveniently located close to the city’s downtown and has around 400 sq. m. of office space. The facility boasts an excellent infrastructure, a high level of security, an attractive interior design, and a cozy patio. It has the potential to comfortably support around 100 IT personnel, which is exactly what TEAM aspires to achieve in Lublin within the next few years.

“One of Poland’s most business-, IT-, and investment-friendly cities, located relatively close to all major European capitals and business centers, Lublin is ideal for supporting the IT outsourcing needs of TEAM International’s rapidly growing customer base” – says Matt Moore, the owner of the company. “We are confident that this new office facility will help our Polish team to attract many more talented software engineers and repeat the success of our other major Eastern-European development centers based in Ukraine.”

The Grand Opening of TEAM International’s Lublin office took place October 18, 2019 and drew guests from both Poland and overseas, including representatives from TEAM’s clients and organizations such as, Invest in Lublin, Lublin IT Upland, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, the Institute of Computer Science, among others.

About TEAM InternationalTEAM International is a U.S.-owned and managed offshore, nearshore, and onshore provider of customized, high-quality, and business-focused IT and software development solutions. TEAM was established in 2003, is headquartered in Lake Mary, Florida, and has operations and delivery centers in Ukraine, Poland, Colombia, and the U.S.

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As a mature global company with executive leadership located around the world, we are well prepared to continue fulfilling our commitments and supporting all our clients. Our IT and financial infrastructures are distributed across North America, Europe, and Latin America, so we keep working and delivering relentlessly.
Our Emergency Response teams in Europe, LATAM, and the United States are operating at full capacity and are doing everything they can to save and support our Ukrainian employees and their families. They continuously assist colleagues with evacuation, border crossing, and relocation to safer places. We provide TEAMmates in Ukraine with financial, logistic, and legal support.
TEAM's global ecosystem and infrastructure are designed with resilience in mind. Moreover, we have tightened our systems' security to mitigate any possible vulnerabilities and risks.
At this point, TEAM International remains focused on preserving and delivering the high service level that our clients and partners expect. We have always remained committed to our values, quality standards, and goals. This situation is no exception.
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