TEAM International Releases New Oil and Gas Services and Product Websites

After months of hard work, TEAM International is proud to announce the launch of new websites dedicated to oil and gas services and innovative sectoral products. New sites feature streamlined designs, straightforward functionality, and immediate access to all the essential information to help potential partners and clients make well-informed decisions about our Oil and Gas division.  

oil and gas advisory services

Digital Oil and Gas Solutions website provides visitors with a comprehensive overview of the DOGS’ capabilities and showcases the company’s matured approach to IT support and oil and gas advisory services.  

Scada Lite website allows visitors to answer a series of questions around key functionalities, benefits for business, and successful use cases. Moreover, it enables potential partners and clients to request a demo and see our product in action.  

“With over two decades of hands-on experience in the industry, I know firsthand that oil and gas companies spend thousands of dollars on the oil well monitoring, and it’s just for hardware. Our turn-key oil and gas solutions enable organizations to reduce these costs significantly. For instance, Scada Lite monitors valuable and low-producing assets for only a few dollars a day, and that’s something that makes us unique. Moreover, this is just the beginning, and by the end of the Q2, we’re going to launch drone services to let our clients not only check sensor readings but also inspect each asset visually and audibly,” says Mike Orr, President of the Oil and Gas division at TEAM International.  

Digital Oil and Gas Solutions portfolio and Scada Lite website are the first two of four sites the company will launch by the end of 2020.  

“We’re thrilled to introduce our new websites to our clients, partners, employees, and those looking to understand the variety of TEAM’s services and capabilities. The fully-fledged oil and gas digital transformation is still in its infancy, and we brought together skilled experts with strong backgrounds in the oilfield and IT to lead this change and create a more connected future for the oil and gas leaders,” adds John Pennington, CEO at TEAM International.  

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