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TEAM Headquarters
Lake Mary, Florida

in 1991

TEAM International was founded as a domestic IT talent provider in Lake Mary, Florida in 1991


Our executive team and Board of Directors are based 100% in the United States

IT Consulting
Delivery Center

Lake Mary is home to our U.S.- based professional IT consulting services division

Lake Mary?

  • Florida High Tech Corridor: As a part of the Greater Orlando metro area and the Florida High Tech Corridor, Lake Mary is located in a hub for tech innovators on the East Coast
  • Travel hub: Orlando’s international airport facilitates frequent travel of our executives to both our delivery centers and client locations
  • Fast-rising tech hub: Orlando was ranked #1 on CBRE’s 2019 list of the fastest rising new tech hubs in North America.
  • Domestic IT talent: The Orlando area is a highly attractive destination for some of the country’s top IT talent, with a cost of living lower than many other tech-focused metros

Innovate faster with TEAM’s domestic professional IT consulting services

Strategic Support to Ensure Your Project’s Success

Founded and developed in the United States, TEAM’s U.S. headquarters provides your business with a high level of strategic support and confidence.

Vision and values

Our executive team and Board provide a clear vision to support our values, ensuring our global delivery teams meet exceptionally high quality and customer-service standards.

Delivery center visits

A member of our executive team visits each of our delivery centers once per month on average, helping instill our vision and values.

IT and industry-specific experience

Our executives bring a wealth of experience in IT and software development in addition to deep knowledge of industries like oil & gas, logistics, healthcare, and financial services.

Focus on excellence

Our U.S. executive leadership drives initiatives like our Microsoft, QA & Testing, and Disruptive Technologies Centers of Excellence, which continually develop innovative solutions.

Leadership development

Members from our delivery centers gather in Lake Mary for diverse training and development initiatives focused on creating highly capable TEAM leaders that will drive the success of your projects.

U.S. legal protection

All client contracts and payments are handled through TEAM’s U.S. office, providing an exceptional level of trust and legal protection.

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