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Ukraine is a top-ranked Eastern-European IT leader in terms of quantity and quality of IT resources:

  • #1 in Eastern Europe in number of IT professionals.
  • 25,000 experienced IT professionals.
  • 17,000 IT graduates in 2013.
  • #5 in the region in quality of math & science education.
  • Ukrainian IT students always succeed in international competitions by Microsoft, Google, and others.


  • With 25 universities and 60+ R&D institutions, Kharkiv is historically considered to be the scientific and intellectual center of Ukraine.
  • Second-largest pool of IT professionals in Ukraine
  • 6 highly ranked technical universities and 3,500 IT graduates annually
  • 2-hour flight from Vienna, 45 min flight from Kyiv
  • Well-developed region with reasonable costs structure
Where can you find us?
Office 23, Yaroslava Mudrogo str., Kharkiv, 61002


  • Lviv has a strong position in IT services and represents cultural and geographical proximity to Western Europe
  • KPMG named Lviv among the TOP 30 promising outsourcing destinations worldwide
  • 5 highly ranked technical universities and 1,500 IT graduates annually
  • 1.5-hour flight from Vienna, 2-hour flight from Münich
  • Named the Best Ukrainian City To Live In
Where can you find us?
Office 9A, Haidamatska str., Lviv, 79059


  • The largest pool of IT professionals in Ukraine (estimated 90,000 people in the industry)
  • 30,000+ IT graduates annually
  • 100+ R&D centers operated by major high-tech companies (Oracle, Cisco, Samsung)
  • One of Top 50 Global Emerging Outsourcing Cities according to Tholon’s List
  • Direct connection with the US and major European cities
Where can you find us?

33 Tarasa Shevchenko blvrd, 9th floor, Kyiv, 01032

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