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TEAM Kharkiv
was founded in 2003

Our first delivery center in Eastern Europe

Serving clients in Europe and around the globe

With a population of over 44 million, Ukraine is the second-largest country in Eastern Europe and the leading hub for IT outsourcing in the region with 150 universities and 23,000 new IT professionals graduating each year.

Our delivery centers are strategically located in Kharkiv, Lviv, and Kyiv. All three cities are closely aligned with European time zones and are quickly and easily reached by plane.

TEAM Kharkiv

Kharkiv is Ukraine’s second largest city and home to highly rated technical universities, R&D institutions, as well as scientific, cultural, and media events. Kharkiv is the location of our first delivery center in Ukraine, founded in 2003.
  • Large IT talent pool: 25,000+ IT specialists and 76% are focused on computer programming
  • High-quality education: Home to 5 of the top 10 engineering universities in Ukraine
  • Advanced IT talent: 95% of IT professionals have a graduate degree
  • English fluency: Around 84% of IT professionals have an intermediate to high level of English


Often referred to as the most European city in Ukraine, Lviv is the third largest software development hub in the country, with around 5,000 IT graduates every year. We founded our Lviv delivery center in 2014.
  • Large IT talent pool: 21,000+ IT professionals, representing 12% of the Ukrainian IT workforce
  • Advanced IT talent: Lviv’s IT talent has 3-4 years of experience on average
  • Cultural match: Lviv has been strongly influenced by Western European culture and business practices
  • Attractive lifestyle: The city’s vibrant culture, beautiful setting, and job opportunities attract top IT talent from around the country


As Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv is at the center of advanced scientific, economic, educational, and technological developments, with around 15,000 IT graduates every year. We established our Kyiv delivery center in 2016.
  • Large IT talent pool: Ukraine’s largest pool of tech talent, with 53,000+ IT professionals
  • Strong IT education: Home to the country’s top 4 technical universities
  • Tech hub: Kyiv hosts several major tech and IT-focused events every year, including IForum, IT Talk Kyiv, and IDCEE
  • R&D hub: Global tech leaders like Amadeus, Ericsson, Boeing, Ring, among many others have established R&D centers in Kyiv

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TEAM Ukraine’s IT and Software Development Professionals

We hire and retain highly trained and experienced professionals in IT and software development to drive the success of your projects.


English is taught from elementary school through college in all major Ukrainian cities. Our employees are 100% English-speaking.


Ukraine has been highly influenced by both European and U.S. business culture, making TEAM a seamless extension of your organization.


Ukraine’s young professionals are not afraid to speak up and offer new and innovative ideas that can add great value to your project.

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