Logistics & Transportation

Ensuring Effective Distribution and Operations

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When it comes to logistics we understand the importance of delivering on time and on target. We are experienced in designing backend and customer operations that will give you a competitive advantage and allowing you to increase revenue and customer service.

Who do we serve?

  • Maritime

  • Logistics and Supply Chain

  • Transportation/Trucking/Railroad

  • Warehousing

  • Wholesale

  • Package/Freight Delivery

  • Packaging and Containers

  • 3PL

Sample Technology & Innovation Projects

  • Development of a web-based transportation management system that supports decision making with real-time analytics and facilitates onboarding of carriers, customers, and employees.

  • Build and maintain multiple apps to track processes for trucks, loads, users, and carriers.

  • Development of a platform (web and mobile) that handles freight, supports customer and carrier sales representative in a centralized manner, with the ability to manage each transaction from sales to settlement, view and track shipments, provide full visibility of the carrier network and identify carrier capacity and match it to customers’ freight.

Case Studies


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