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Turn a changing industry into an opportunity for growth

As a telecom provider, your world is dramatically different than it was even five years ago. Consumers and businesses have more choices than ever, driving churn and causing ARPU to stagnate. The risk of fraud and cyberattacks is higher than ever. And back-end technology needs to be upgraded to support the kinds of next-generation services, offerings, and experiences buyers want.

For some telcos, that’s scary. Others – the innovators – recognize it as an opportunity for growth. OTTs aren’t going away. Data isn’t going to become less valuable. The providers who embrace digital transformation, with IT solutions for telecom industry, will not only mitigate the effects of this period of volatility – they’ll thrive in it.

Digital Transformation

What could digital transformation mean for your organization?
  • Improved predictive analytics capabilities
  • Monetized data and CDRs
  • Tight alignment between product offerings and buyer needs
  • Increased ARPU and reduced churn
  • Better insight into customers
  • Reduced hardware costs due to leveraging the cloud
  • Protection from fraud and cyberattacks
  • Better customer service utilizing AI-driven automation
  • Reduced compliance risk

Intelligent IT Solutions

Intelligent IT Solutions for Telecom Industry

TEAM International is a global software development and technology consultation partner with years of experience helping telecom leaders thrive in a time of change. We provide the bandwidth and expertise you need to innovate and evolve in order to meet your most critical business challenges.

We’ve helped organizations like Telenor and Frontier Communications turn their existing data into actionable insights and build the products their customers want. Based on your business objectives, we can develop effective digital transformation solutions like these that impact your entire organization, increasing efficiency, mitigating risk, and turning existing assets into drivers of growth.

Custom Software

Build customer-facing and internal apps that meet growing demands for speed and ease-of-use


Leverage RPA to streamline network management, customer service, and more.

Software QA
& Testing

Realize swift ROI by deploying solutions that meet your exact needs from Day 1.


Sunset legacy technologies like DB2 and AS/400 and move to Azure SQL databases.

Data Analytics

Visualize and mine massive datasets (like CDR) to create actionable intelligence and new revenue streams.

IT Services

Free up your IT staff from routine tasks, allowing them to focus on strategic, revenue-driving projects.

TEAM Empowers

  • Large telcos
  • Emerging telcos
  • MNOs
  • MVNOs
  • ISPs
  • IT teams & NOCs

Case Studies


White paper - Automating Carrier Fraud Detection in An Internet Age using AI and Machine Learning - TEAM International

Using AI and ML for Telecom Fraud Detection and Prevention


Using AI and ML for Telecom Fraud Detection and Prevention Carrier fraud is on the rise and fraud management in the telecom industry seems
How chatbots are changing the face of customer experience - TEAM International

How chatbots are changing the face of customer experience


If you’ve ever had a problem and needed to contact customer service or customer support, then chances are you had a very slow and
To remain competitive, organizations operating in the telecom industry are continuously under pressure to improve service quality, enhance content delivery, and innovate their service offerings to the end user. They must provide innovation in products and services, enabled by advances in IT and technology, and do so while maintaining compliance with an increasing burden of privacy and security regulations. As if that’s not enough to keep on top of, there’s more. Advances in technology have brought more threats to the industry, and one of the biggest threats facing the industry today is an increasing loss of revenue due to fraudulent activities in their networks. So, just how big is the problem? Well, according to the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA), it’s an expensive one, representing nearly $30 billion globally last year. And for some carriers this threat is growing by 10% a year. In the digital communications eco system, operators are already struggling with extreme competition and growth, heavily reliant on data services for everything from voice and messaging to video chat and streaming. The challenges are eroding traditional voice and SMS messaging revenue. With more than two-thirds of detected fraud coming from international traffic, telecom operators are facing the potential of further losses as mobility, globalization, and roaming continue their global upward trend. What is clear today, is that traditional thinking on how to combat fraud is simply not working. Operators need to think and act radically differently if they are to, not just keep up, but try and stay one step ahead of the innovative criminals and organizations that are intent on doing them grave financial harm. If operators can embrace automation, radical thinking, share bad actor knowledge, and consider new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, they can reap the rewards of better fraud control and bolster their bottom line. The cost of building these next generation “learning” machines has arrived and is far more palatable than the alternative, which is doing nothing. So, there you have it, one of the biggest issues facing the industry today provides telecom with an ultimatum. To learn more about the background of this problem and what can be done to combat the issue, take a look at our whitepaper, which will offer up some solutions to overcome carrier fraud using AI and Machine Learning - TEAM International

Carrier Fraud and the Threat it Brings to Telecom


To remain competitive, organizations operating in the telecom industry are continuously under pressure to improve service quality, enhance content delivery, and innovate their service

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