Centers of Excellence

We invest in knowledge, technology, and skills to address tomorrow's challenges today

Dedicated CoEs at TEAM International is Where True Ingenuity Lives

Implementing new technology into a large enterprise is hard and risky. What companies need is a way to smooth out the technology-adoption bumps. TEAM International has established specialized Centers of Excellence to collect unique expertise across the organization, explore new techniques, tools, and practices, and devise common solutions to increase the likelihood of your IT transformation success

Microsoft CoE

Rushing for innovation, we may overlook the hidden value and significant opportunities offered by enterprise IT solutions. Don't let the competition delude you. Make the most of your Microsoft investment with help from TEAM experts. Navigate the changes with confidence relying on our unique insights, proactive approach, specific domain expertise, and scalable solutions


The cost of software errors is higher than ever, and you cannot afford to take risks. At a time when people expect quality, your business reputation may be at stake. TEAM's QA Centers of Excellence program helps to not only mitigate risks and improve software quality but also lower operating costs, shorten SDLC, and ensure consistency with custom test automation frameworks


Notwithstanding the scope, bot's essential task is to make companies evolve strategically and drive value from many sources. Experience and skills are pivotal on the way to pursuing these goals. TEAM's RPA Center of Excellence is established by proficient RPA experts to support clients with accumulated knowledge, technical expertise, reliable processes, and custom solutions for successful RPA integration at scale


Today digital is everywhere and anywhere, and the human-software interaction is all about convenience and pleasure. When done right, design can become your distinct competitive advantage. Our UX CoE helps organizations obtain necessary design skills and mindset, establish effective processes, and benefit from proven tools and global best practices to exceed customers' expectations and boost their business metrics


As a mature global company with executive leadership located around the world, we are well prepared to continue fulfilling our commitments and supporting all our clients. Our IT and financial infrastructures are distributed across North America, Europe, and Latin America, so we keep working and delivering relentlessly.
Our Emergency Response teams in Europe, LATAM, and the United States are operating at full capacity and are doing everything they can to save and support our Ukrainian employees and their families. They continuously assist colleagues with evacuation, border crossing, and relocation to safer places. We provide TEAMmates in Ukraine with financial, logistic, and legal support.
TEAM's global ecosystem and infrastructure are designed with resilience in mind. Moreover, we have tightened our systems' security to mitigate any possible vulnerabilities and risks.
At this point, TEAM International remains focused on preserving and delivering the high service level that our clients and partners expect. We have always remained committed to our values, quality standards, and goals. This situation is no exception.
We thank our clients and partners for their support and words of encouragement.