Offshore Development Center Helps Sports Technology Company Better Manage Its Digital Content

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The Client
XOS Technologies Inc is the leading technology partner that helps sports organizations better interact with the sports fans through maximized value of digital content and e commerce services. Besides fan interaction, the company specializes in Facilities Design & Integration as well as Coaching Software Solutions. Through these areas of expertise, The Client helps teams and leagues integrate video, images, data, and interactive technologies via its unique Network and Total Ticketing.

XOS Technologies had to meet its business objectives of managing sports events’ digital content (video, images, audio) and collecting profit from selling legal licenses for potential distributors. The company operated a third-party application for storing its digital content; however, the storage (Vault 1.0) had limited functionality that did not allow XOS to reach all of its complex business goals.

XOS Technologies also faced the necessity to create an e-commerce system within its broad network of resources. The system requirements consisted of an integrated content management system (CMS) and user-friendly request-for-quote options, but most importantly the e-commerce system needed to be fully integrated with the existing online business network.

To reduce application development costs and focus on its core competencies, XOS Technologies chose to partner with TEAM International.

When TEAM began to collaborate with XOS Technologies on this project, it was soon discovered that the product concept, while rich with vision, lacked upfront requirements definition. Regular conference calls and Webex sessions were not sufficient to gather all of the requirements. To resolve the issue, TEAM initiated regular knowledge/skill exchange trips to XOS headquarters, during which time TEAM’s project management had an opportunity to get more indepth understanding of the customer’s needs. With regard to technical approach, TEAM had to find solutions on how to create a robust application that attractively visualized complex data sets, and how to allow effective real-time data push from the back-end to XOS Vault.

All of the project timeframes were met successfully. TEAM delivered a ready-touse Content Management System allowing XOS Technologies to ramp up sales of digital content and help sports organizations better manage their sports activities’ content. XOS Technologies also received a completely ready-to-use e-commerce system containing 800 products and easy-to-use content management system. The Client was satisfied with the way TEAM International approached and executed the project.

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