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The Client
Vault is a software company startup that provides rehabilitation health centers in the USA with the software for recording and keeping the patient records, such as diagnosis prescriptions, different analysis, cure history, next steps, and more. The product was created as a solution to improve post-acute healthcare technology that impedes progress in the delivery of patient care.

Vault challenged TEAM International to build a disruptive Electronic Health Record platform to be used by inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation health care facilities in the U.S. They came to TEAM International after identifying them as a partner that could provide a pool of talented development resources at a competitive price.

The idea of Vault was born from a gap in the systems market for post-acute services; previously, very little attention had been paid to this low margin segment of the healthcare business. Vault’s founders noticed that existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) platforms, designed for acute care settings, could not provide a functional, cost effective solution for post-acute. The combination of heavy infrastructure and licensing costs made it impractical for this low-margin segment. The founders, seeing the need to maximize therapist’s proclivity and employee satisfaction, wanted to change this by enabling the provider to maximize their time with the patient, by minimizing the amount of time documenting a patient record. This improves the patient’s health and care while maximizing the revenue on the patient.

Identifying this need prompted the idea to come up with a software solution to address the problems, leading to the creation of Vault. To support the idea, Vault needed to find a partner with solid software development experience and the skills needed to help build the technology, at a cost affordable by a startup.

TEAM created a two-part solution to Vault’s requirements:

  • Create a fully functioning EHR.
  • Follow up with ongoing product enhancements for customers after the product was created.

The project scope included:

  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Software Development
  • QA & Testing
  • Configuration Management
  • Application Deployment
  • User's Complaints Support

The product development was completed without any issues and is now in production. It’s currently used by therapists, nurses, case managers, and other clinicians. TEAM continues to develop the product to deliver it to end-users, constantly adding new features and enhancements.

There are two reasons that Vault came to TEAM, the first was that the cost of labor is considerably cheaper than the US, and the second is the talent at TEAM. For Tony Scott, bringing the right type of people to the product has driven innovation for him and it has allowed Vault to have a dynamic workforce, where he has no concerns with assigning TEAM resources to any area of work knowing full well that the job will be done to the highest standards.

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