TEAM International Cooperates With Telenor Denmark as the Strategic Software Development Partner

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The Client
Telenor Denmark is the part of the Telenor Group, currently ranked as one of the world’s largest mobile operators with over 184 million mobile subscriptions worldwide with operations in 14 countries and more than 40,000 employees. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway and incorporated in 1855, Telenor has a proud heritage of more than 150 years of telecom experience.

Telenor Denmark searched Eastern European marketplace for an application development and maintenance outsourcing company. After a rigorous selection process TEAM International was chosen as a partner to perform software development lifecycle functions such as application development, QA & testing, business analysis and configuration management.

Telenor - Case Study

Telenor Denmark started a dedicated development center in the beginning of 2011. Now we have successfully taken more than 100 people on board and are covering .NET, Java, quality assurance, configuration management and business analysis in the Kharkiv DDC. In 2014 Telenor Denmark started Optimus Prime, the largest and the most ambitious project. A completely new IT stack is being implemented and TEAM has been selected to develop a new .NET web application, which will serve as the interface to both external customers and internal employees. In March 2016 Mobile part of Optimus Prime Program was successfully launched in Denmark. It gave a start for Telenor’s business transformation in order to adapt to the changing world, new market realities and shifting customer trends.

  • Creating new payment methods for Telenor’s webshop on
  • Implementing new mobile subscription products in all Telenor sales channels including webshop, retail self-service website and the CRM system used by Telenor call center.
  • Adding new and enhancing existing self-service features on, thereby reducing the load on Telenor call center.
  • Creating new web application for error reporting in the business segment.
  • Adding new features and bugs fixing on Telenor’s project portfolio management system.
  • Bug fixing on all important Telenor applications.

After a year of development, the system became available to the customers. The new stack will subsequently be implemented in all other Telenor Europe business units and will consequently be multi-tenancy and support several languages to help create, unify and differentiate the experience for all users.

TEAM International has become a strategic partner to Telenor Denmark. The team continues to grow in terms of function and personnel, assisting Telenor in addressing business challenges and creating and delivering cost-effective robust software solutions.

Telenor - TEAM International

Torben Frølund,

Senior Manager, Telenor DDC Kharkiv

TEAM International has become a strategic partner to Telenor Denmark. We are collaborating on a completely new telco business support stack that will subsequently be implemented on all other Telenor Europe business units. The main reason for the successful setup has been TEAM’s profound experience in recruitment combined with a close partnership where TEAM top management has been ready to take action as soon as any challenges have emerged.

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