RPA for Clinical Trial Enrollment:
How Acurian increased team productivity and process scalability with RPA

Discover how TEAM and robotic process automation (RPA) helped Acurian support breakthrough business growth, all while greatly reducing costs, improving accuracy, and empowering people.

The Acurian Challenge

Acurian, like many businesses, relied on manual-intensive processes to support their business of providing full-service patient enrollment and retention for clinical trials. But when Acurian’s growth accelerated, these processes started to breakdown and become on burden on the business and employees.

The TEAM International Solution

“TEAM excels at responsiveness. They can rapidly put
the appropriate people on the job and get a solution in place.”

— Ryan McFarlane, Executive Director of Global Marketing Operations at Acurian

Acurian turned to TEAM, a trusted IT outsourcing partner, to develop an automation-based solution known as RPA, short for robotic process automation. TEAM was able to quickly deploy RPA across multiple processes – providing huge cost savings and an estimated 146% ROI in year 1 alone.

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