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BOT in Software Development Outsourcing.

Accelerate and Drive Your Digital Future with Confidence

Implementing new technologies is the primary way to protect and increase your market share. However, there are two sides to the coin, and innovation also requires unique expertise, overworks your operational resources, and takes a good deal of time to deploy. Consequently, today industry leaders are being confronted with mission-critical decisions: how to transform business and move forward amidst the global crisis and how to create digital value at scale, at large, and at speed.

To help organizations leverage emerging technologies, deliver relevant products and services, and scale new capabilities, TEAM International has introduced a powerful Build-Operate-Transfer model.

Using Build-Operate-Transfer services, industry leaders can get ahead by increasing their own capabilities, addressing complex transformational issues, and minimizing the initial investment and risks.
To learn more about the BOT model in software development — its working principles, potential benefits for your business, and nuances that should be taken into account while choosing an IT partner — download our white paper.

Build-Operate-Transfer IT Outsourcing:

How We Can Help?

With almost 30 years in the IT business, TEAM International offers unique expertise in a host of capabilities and effectively delivering complex digital projects.

A mature Build-Operate-and-Transfer framework, holistic range of IT services, and massive talent pool enable us to support and navigate your digital transformation from idea all the way to successful implementation. TEAM International employs 1000+ experts operating in six locations — a global team well-known for its deep technology expertise, valuable industry insights, innovative thinking, and significant market power. By embarking on a digital journey with TEAM, you can:

Leverage new expertise and data intelligence to facilitate the decision-making process and focus on new revenue streams.

Benefit from strong talent pools to confidently navigate the tech landscape and unleash new sources of competitive edge.

Reconsider how you engage and cooperate with partners, employees, and customers.

Create and nurture a high-performance and elastic culture.

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