Svitlana Petersen - TEAM International

Svitlana Petersen

Executive Director, Ukraine

Svitlana joined TEAM in 2014 as Executive Director.

Prior to joining TEAM, Svitlana had an extensive career in the field of law and politics. She has served as an Aid to a Kharkiv City Councilman and Ukrainian Parliament Member, Head of Legal Department for a large political party, Partner of the Kharkiv law firm VILEON, and 5 years as a Councilwoman for the Kharkiv City Council. In her current role at TEAM International Services, Svitlana is responsible for the company’s external relations with local and federal government, banking and other commercial organizations, and oversees all legal matters. Starting December 2018 on top of her duties Svitlana has also assumed a role of HR Director for TEAM’s European locations.

Svitlana holds a Master’s degree in Law Science from Yaroslav the Wise National Law Academy of Ukraine. She also earned her Ph.D. in Constitutional and Municipal Law and held the position of an Assistant Professor at Yaroslav the Wise National Law Academy of Ukraine in the department of Governmental law. In addition to that, Svitlana has spent a year studying in the United States of America under the Future Leaders Exchange Program, and has completed a professional internship under Legislative Fellows Program in Cincinnati, OH, USA.