Steve Puterbaugh - TEAM International

Steve Puterbaugh

Chief Human Resources Officer & Global Marketing Leader

Mr. Puterbaugh, a global HR leader with national and international experience and success, joined TEAM International in 2015 as Chief Human Resources Officer. In his role, he works in close partnership with the executive leadership and management teams in the US, Europe, South America and Asia developing and executing HR and talent strategies focused on attracting, engaging, developing and retaining the brightest and the best talent in the various countries.

Throughout his 35+ year career, Steve has led global HR Councils and partnered with dynamic cross-functional operations and sales teams focused on developing and delivering innovative and creative human resource solutions for large, mid and small cap companies, as well as start-ups in the technology, healthcare, staffing, retail, logistics and financial services sectors.

Prior to joining TEAM International, his positions have included Chief Human Resources Executive for a fast-growing technology company, Global People Leader for an international logistics company, and Vice President of Human Resources for several global retail and financial services companies. 

Steve holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Ferris State University in Michigan.