TEAM International Joins Lviv IT Cluster

an 19th, 2016 – In 2014 TEAM International launched a new office in Lviv, a major city in western Ukraine, which became an important milestone in company’s development. We, together with our clients, were impressed by the environment of the city, its large IT pool and endless business opportunities.

For these reasons we cannot be more proud to announce that we have joined Lviv IT Cluster, a community of the leading IT companies which, together with universities and local authorities, improve and develop IT field in the city. The Cluster takes a lead to conduct systematic changes in the business environment of the city and the country in general.

Lviv IT Cluster - TEAM International

Apart from the city promotion, event organization, IT staff development, the Cluster conducts Lviv IT Market Research to provide with relevant information about the industry.

Thus, 2015 Lviv IT Research showed that main sales markets of Lviv IT companies are the USA (50%) and Europe (35%). Lviv IT Industry turnover in 2015 is $280-300 million, which makes 2.7% of Lviv GRP. In last couple of years Lviv turned into a powerful IT-business arena and overall tendencies prove that the market will keep on growing in the future.

The study showed that at the moment there are from 13,513 to 15,155 IT specialists in Lviv representing 6% of all working Lviv population, and this number is expected to grow since more and more IT schools open every year. Higher education institutions of Lviv provide with more than 4,000 of IT graduates annually. The average age of an IT specialist is 26 years, 48.3% has higher education in IT or exact science.

According to the top management of Lviv IT companies interviewed by the IT Cluster, the IT industry in Lviv is actively growing due to the following factors:

  • Local authorities support
  • Politically stable region
  • Active development of cultural and social segments
  • Lower living expenses
  • Better ecological situation
  • Hryvnia devaluation
  • Rapprochement with the EU countries and the USA.

TEAM International hopes that predictions for growth will come true and even exceed expectations in a good way. We are glad to be a part of this community, support great initiatives, foster development of the city and contribute to positive changes.

TEAM International is proud to join Lviv IT Cluster, a community of the leading IT companies which bring new innovations and strive for development of IT industry. Lviv is one of the major IT centers in Ukraine, the city with high potential for growth which offers perfect environment for IT outsourcing. TEAM International is always willing to support IT field development, and we hope to contribute to enhancing the local business environment of the city,” – said Sergiy Povolyashko, CTO at TEAM International.