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TEAM TALK#31: Everything You Need to Know About Exoplanets

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On March 16th we talked about extrasolar planets on another TEAM TALK#31: “Everything you need to know about exoplanets”. The choice of topic was influenced by NASA’s recent sensational statement: “NASA Telescope Reveals Largest Batch of Earth-Size, Habitable-Zone Planets Around Single Star”. This great discovery aroused lively discussions among colleagues: What do we know about exoplanets, and how have they been discovered? How to reach them and is there an oxygen for human life? Is this discovery a real sensation or just media hype?

In order to receive expert comments, we invited the astronomer, Ivan Slusarev, Ph.D. of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Senior lecturer at Kharkiv Karazin University.

Mr. Slyusarev gave a lecture on the formation and evolution of the planets and the essence of Gas Giants and White Dwarfs. We also discussed existing methods for discovering and exploring exoplanets. We talked about their habitats and, of course, about the recent NASA discovery. Ivan shared his knowledge, observations and research findings.

Our Sun’s lifespan will continue for 2-3 billion years until it will have exhausted its supply of hydrogen fuel. After that, the Sun will turn into a Red Giant and expand, finally destroying the Earth. Anyway, it was good to know we still have another billion of years.

Space exploration is conducted by scientists from all over the world. Many of these achievements would have been impossible without ever evolving IT technology. The world is on the threshold of the greatest discoveries. Perhaps, fantastic space travels through the Galaxies will become a reality, and humanity will have another chance to survive on new planets with another Sun.


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