TEAM Talk#28: Colombia is getting closer!

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As a part of Global Sales training that took place in TEAM this February, we organised TEAM Talk with our colleagues from Medellin, Colombia: ”Colombia is getting closer!”

Colombia is the country that surprised the world with its rapidly expanding economy for the past few years. Managing to increase the foreign investment for more than 300% for 5 years, it is known as the country full of possibilities. In 2017 the World Bank forecasts that economic growth for Colombia would be over double the growth projected for the Latin America and the Caribbean region as a whole, placing Colombia among the best performing major economies in LatAm.

According to Tholons research, Medellin is one of the best 15 location to provide business and technology outsourcing services in Latin America. We chose Medellin as the location of one of TEAM development centers for its human talent, institutional effectiveness and innovations.

Andres, Antonio and Eugenia, our colleagues, had held an interactive introductory meeting. We talked about our existing office in Medellin, and watched video teaser of a new office building we’re going to move in soon. We also touched upon the historical, political and cultural changes in the country.

The guys shared their perspective on Colombia and Medellin as a modern, safe and innovative place. Some of our colleagues from the US and Ukraine spent some time there as a part of knowledge transfer, and were able to share their vision as well.

Colombia is a country with great potential and prospects. Through the efforts of public and private sector, the country is undergoing great changes, modernising and adapting to the highest standards of service, education, quality, and safety.

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