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TEAM Talk: Feedback as Part of the Trustful Culture

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In TEAM we pay a lot of attention to communication. The ability to convey one’s thoughts clearly and competently guarantees a healthy atmosphere on the project, as well as its overall success.

The recent Team Talk on the 23d of March was devoted to effective feedback as part of the internal culture of the project and the organization as a whole. Our speaker Galina, Department Manager, Telenor, believes that feedback is an integral part of the trust relationship on the project. Feedback can be given not only by the manager but also by colleagues. Its purpose is not to criticize or point out the shortcomings, but rather to help people find the error, fix the situation, and start improving. The most important thing is to convey it correctly.

During this Talk we learned about a number of efficient feedback tools, all illustrated with actual examples. Here are some useful tips to help make your feedback effective:

– Describe your context
– List your observations
– Express your emotions
– Sort by value
– End with suggestions

All participants practiced new knowledge intensively. As a homework, Galina encouraged us to practice and sharpen these new skills. She recommended to occasionally get back to feedback recipient and check whether our advice was helpful at work or in everyday life and whether our communication was effective.

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