TEAM Leadership Club: How to Make Hard Choices

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On May 25th, TEAM launched a new series of events for IT managers. LeaderShip club is an intellectual space for Project Managers and Team Leaders. It is aimed at providing a platform for industry experts, discussing cases, and boosting leadership skills.

The format of the event implies:
∙ Minimum of the theory
∙ Maximum of actual cases
∙ Sharing relevant experiences
∙ A glass of wine, nice atmosphere and communication, and evening quality time.

The topic of the first LeaderShip Club meeting was “How to Make Hard Choices”. Galyna Iefremova, (Department Manager, Telenor Denmark) with more than 10 years of management experience, was moderating the event. During the meeting, we discussed real cases of difficult decisions with participants from different companies. Was that the only correct approach? How could the situation be addressed otherwise?

Our meetings are built on integration and teamwork. Each participant is involved and voices its own opinion as a part of the team, or represents the general team decision. There are no wrong answers. The organizers and participants come up as a unified mechanism and generate solutions to the most pressing issues for 2 hours. Our motto is “Synergy Matters” since every guest is an expert with a unique experience. By pooling this expertise we are able to see the big picture, recognize different opinions and grow professionally. This emerging synergy doubles our effectiveness.

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