TEAM International Supports Charity Project “Klasychna Feeriya”

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“Klasychna Feeriya” is an international charity project aimed at acculturation in Ukraine and providing aid for people in need. For that purpose the project organizes classical music concerts featuring worldclass musicians. Kharkiv welcomed the concert for the first time several years ago and this year the project also reached Lviv to let music lovers enjoy some of the greatest musical pieces of all time.

Alena Eremina, one of the project organizers, the chairman of the fund “Zabota”, asked TEAM International for support and assistance with website development. Our employees answered the request and are working on website enhancement for such an amazing project ( The concert is popular not only for its important goals, it is a magical event in terms of music. The most famous musicians gathered at the stage for one big charitable purpose.

Organizers invited challenged people who succeeded in life, to host the event, to bring attention of the public to their problems and motivate to never give up, always move forward, and achieve goals.

The main idea of the project is to help children with disabilities and orphans, to open the whole new world of music for them. However this event is organized not solely for that. Charity fundraising is aimed to support sick children. This year the collected funds were delivered to the department of Kharkiv Children Cardiosurgery Center to purchase the expendable materials that are needed to perform operations on children with congenital heart diseases.

We are glad to contribute to such unique projects and TEAM International is happy to provide all the necessary support to help those in need.

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