.NET Programming Course #2 Launched at Top Gun Lab

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In February 2017 TEAM International has launched the 9th Top Gun Lab Course at the Faculty of Computer Science of Karazin Kharkiv University.

Our second .NET programming course has started on the 13th of February. More than 300 people signed up: students from different Kharkiv universities, working professionals from other fields, as well as those have decided to drastically change the profession. This year we added additional selection criteria, such as competency in English and at least 3 years of study.

As always, TEAM and University representatives delivered an opening speech to the audience. Eugenia Kolovanova, the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, and Paul Huetz, Director of Operations with TEAM International, delivered an inspiring opening statement. We conducted the presentation of the company and the upcoming course. After that all the participants were offered a test to select 40 people for the practical training group. The remaining students will still be able to attend course lectures.

The program is designed for 3 months. Upon its completion those who successfully defended their final projects will receive a certificate.The best will have a chance to pass an internship in our company. According to statistics, over the past three years of Top Gun Lab project more than 30 graduates continued their career and professional development in TEAM International .

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