Telecom Solutions

Telecommunication has a significant impact on all aspects of society, therefore it needs best quality, security and reliability in assisting communication between people.

In terms of software development in telecom industry, it requires the most experienced professionals who are familiar with industry-specific requirements and demands in order to achieve best results possible.

TEAM International is proud to provide professional services of the highest quality and excellence due to our considerable experience in this particular industry.

The list of TEAM solutions for telecom industry includes:

  • self-service website for telecom subscriptions
  • solutions for business processes within the company
  • integration with third-party providers
  • For more information please refer to the following Case Studies


“TEAM International has become a strategic partner to Telenor Denmark. We are collaborating on a completely new telco business support stack that will subsequently be implemented on all other Telenor Europe business units. The main reason for the successful setup has been TEAM’s profound experience in recruitment combined with a close partnership where TEAM top management has been ready to take action as soon as any challenges have emerged.”

Torben Frølund, 
Senior Manager, Telenor DDC Kharkiv

Recent Case Studies