Data Management

TEAM International provides a broad portfolio of business and technology solutions enabling clients to improve their business performance. Our solutions allow the Client to capture and monetize valuable customer data, enabling the delivery of personalised online and offline experiences, driving customers’ loyalty and profitability.


“We started working with Team International in the middle of 2010 as we began developing a completely new SaaS-based software for issue prevention and predictive analysis in virtual infrastructures. As opposed to the moderate experience with different outsourcing companies in the past, TEAM International proved quite fast to be the perfect strategic partner for a long term development relationship. They’re really dedicated to support the customer in any situation and are looking proactively to find solutions before the actual requirements become an urgency (resources, technologies). For a startup company, that’s exactly the kind of development partner you’d like to work with.”

Dennis Zimmer CEO, opvizor GmbH

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