Why Ukraine, Poland and Colombia

Nearshore to Europe and US

TEAM’s mission is to offer our client partners the best IT services and the brightest IT talents. We chose Ukraine, Poland and Colombia as locations for our Development Centers according to three main criteria: access to vast pool of highly-qualified IT professionals, nearshore location, and cost-effective solution.


Ukraine is a top-ranked Eastern-European IT leader in terms of quantity and quality of IT resources:

  • #1 in Eastern Europe in number of IT professionals
  • 25,000 experienced IT professionals
  • 17,000 IT graduates in 2013
  • #5 in region in quality of math & science education
  • Ukrainian IT students always succeed in international competitions by Microsoft, Google and others.


  • With 25 universities and 60+ R&D institutions, Kharkiv is historically considered to be the scientific and intellectual center of Ukraine.
  • Second-largest pool of IT professionals in Ukraine
  • 6 highly ranked technical universities and 3,500 IT graduates annually
  • 2-hour flight from Vienna, 45 min flight from Kyiv
  • Well-developed region with reasonable costs structure

Kharkiv, Ukraine - Business Center


  • Lviv has strong position in IT services and represents cultural and geographical proximity to Western Europe.
  • KPMG named Lviv among the TOP 30 promising outsourcing destinations worldwide
  • 5 highly ranked technical universities and 1,500 IT graduates annually
  • 1.5-hour flight from Vienna, 2-hour flight from Munich
  • Named the Best Ukrainian City To Live In

Lviv, Ukraine - Historic city center on UNESCO World Heritage List


  • The largest pool of IT professionals in Ukraine (estimated 90,000 people in the industry)
  • 30,000+ IT graduates annually
  • 100+ R&D centers operated by major high-tech companies (Oracle, Cisco, Samsung)
  • One of Top 50 Global Emerging Outsourcing Cities according to Tholon’s List.
  • Direct connection with the US and major European cities

Kyiv, Ukraine


Colombian IT outsourcing industry is the second largest in Latin America:

  • Colombia is among Gartner’s Top 30 countries for offshore services worldwide since 2010
  • Has more than 32,000 ICT professionals and 6,000-8,000 fresh engineers graduate annually


  • Medellin shares US Central and Eastern time zones
  • The city is easily reachable by plane: 5 hours from New York, 3 from Miami, 8 from San Francisco
  • It is one of the best 20 cities to do business in Latin America according to “America Economia” magazine
  • There are 54 Higher Education institutions in Medellin. About 82% of them request proficiency in English to graduate.

Medellin, Colombia - Downtown and Metro Transportation
According to Tholons research, Medellin is one of the best 15 location to provide business and technology outsourcing services in Latin America, and one of the world’s TOP 100 in BPO and ITO service. International research experts name Human Talent, Environment, Institutional Effectiveness, Physical Capital and Economic Strength as the main strong points of Medellin.
Medellin, Colombia - Plaza Mayor Convention and Exhibition centre
Innovation is the key factor that characterizes the city of Medellin. This culture of strength and the creativity to pursue innovative business ventures have gained the city international recognition, earning it the Most Innovative City award in 2013, granted by the Urban Land Institute and the Wall Street Journal.


Poland is a well-respected member of the European Union, NATO, OECD, and WTO, with well-developed IT services and software markets.

  • #1 investment location in Eastern Europe
  • Member of the European Union since 2004
  • #3 in Peace Index 2015 in the Eastern Europe


  • The largest Academic Centre in Eastern Poland
  • Direct connections with Stockholm, Oslo, London, Brussels, Frankfurt
  • Foreign capital investments: Orange, Deutsche Bank, Convergys, Baxter Healthcare Corp.
  • Research and industrial parks, specialized research centers and institutions